Senses Exhibition


"Senses" Exhibition Group Show

October 20th - October 31st 2017 

 Senses Exhibition Theme:
It is through our senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch that we are able to experience the world. Art is a vessel that entices our senses and allows the viewer to engage in thought.

Artists Selected!

LIT Art Gallery is pleased to announce the following artists participating in the Senses Exhibition!

David Shurbutt Installation Artist from Asheville North Carolina
"My focus is the transformation of commonplace material, such as charcoal, graphite, paper and tape, into tableaux of repetition and accumulation."

Heather Layton Performance Artist from Southern California
"I am a Southern California-based interdisciplinary artist, whose work
bridges new media, performance, painting, and photography.
Primarily, I’m interested in the representation of the body, and its
polymorphic qualities. How can the body both attract and repel, provoke
joy and horror, and be distinct and indistinct? By reconfiguring and
restructuring the body I focus on these corporeal aspects in relation to the
gender-coded body, alienation, and repression. It is this complexity of the
body and a disavowal of the normative body which informs my work."

Mark Gates Painter Originally from Columbus Ohio now lives in Chattanooga Tennessee
Mark's interest is in texture, color and the interplay between the two. He works with layers and dimensionality created with scraping techniques and occasional mixed media. The intention is to create a piece that appears from a distance to be an elemental object, mostly of a single color, but that reveals depth and intricacies when closely inspected. A feeling that the parts are more than the whole or that each small section of a painting has its own beauty and meaning is what he tries to achieve. A focal point is absent, forcing the eye to move around the painting, often landing on some previously undiscovered grouping or pattern worthy of contemplation. 

Chris Pickering Installation Artist from Chattanooga Tennessee 
"I create functional objects and experiential spaces that facilitate connection and allow viewers to draw closer to each other."
Jessica Scott-Felder Performance Artist from Atlanta Georgia
In performance, Jessica's body becomes a catalyst for altering the social dynamic of a space. Every aspect of her presence is considered important to the ephemeral work, from the details within the antebellum era clothing (inspired by the drawings of chairs) to the object-­filled vessels that are carried during the performance. Whether the audience is inside of a gallery or on a sidewalk outside, Jessica's presence silently demands attention through slow and graceful movements. During Jessica's presence, the physical and social self (or character) creates a psychological mark within the room and in the audience upon its completion.
Glenda Militano Painter from LaGrange Georgia now lives in Statesboro Georgia
"My paintings are a study of cognitive psychology.  How people process information to make life decisions is similar to how a computer takes in information and follows a program to produce an output. These screen prints are based on this cognitive psychology philosophy. The fascination with how we handle and relate to our life choices or circumstantial situations is an important part of these pieces.  My desire to understand human emotions is a common occurrence throughout my work."
Special  thanks to Elliot Worth for creating such a great video from this exhibition evening!