Enlightenment Exhibition


"Enlightenment" Exhibition Group Show

November 17th - November 30th 2017 

Senses Exhibition Theme:
This exhibition is about exploring the source of enlightenment and inspiration that drives our contemporary artists through their creative journeys. Artists express their visions and voices through an enlightening experience of thoughts on politics, sexuality, identity, and self exploration through the eyes of artists in today's world. 

          Artists Selected!

LIT Art Gallery is pleased to announce the following artists participating in the Enlightenment Exhibition!

LGBT Art Collective from Chicago Illinois, New York City New York, Claremont California, Los Angeles California and Lincoln Nebraska
Tanner Reckling Installation & Video Artist
Daffine Reaple Painter
Continued Featured Artists in Collective:
Michael Johnson, Joe Konieczny, Ja'Taun Market Pratt, Francisco Meraz,

This group of creative, queer individuals is excited to be utilizing the Enlightenment Exhibition to construct a space of dialog and creativity for queer studies and art making. The exhibition from our group is to study urgent, hemorrhaging identities through digital installations, interactive virtual performances, or drawings. Accessibility and interactivity are essential factors: using collaboration, online learning, and open source technologies. The group believes accessibility determines an activity pedagogical platform. Queerness is navigated in this exhibition,
with the work discussing queer digital presences, white Americans’ bigoted identity crisis, and technology’s anonymity/constructions. These models and modes of making are representations of stigmas and violence surrounding bodies and identity erasures through an re-appropriated digital existence that questions urgent discourses.

Raquel Mullins Painter & Installation Artist From Chattanooga Tennessee
"I’m a multi-disciplinary artist working between painting and installation, constructing magical spaces which transport to fantasy and wonder. I’m interested in the ways we encounter wonder in everyday life (in quotidian) and the power that imagination has to remedy feelings of instability. I create paintings, fantasy installations, and magical spaces such as gardens, watery scenes, and habitats. The facilitation of play is crucial in my process and in the finished work.
These works in Enlightenment relate to “Quotidian Wonder” and are connected to enlightenment through the sensation of weightlessness and surrender in the experience of enlightenment."

Dengke Chen Digital Illustrator & Animation Artist from China Living in Pennsylvania
Unlike the single narrative storytelling techniques used in traditional animations to amuse and
entertain audiences, Chen's animations have nonlinear narratives that engage viewers to
critically reflect on social and ethical issues. Through animation based on art practice, by
projecting his thoughts and personal experience on distorted stories, Chen propose new
insights and compels audiences to think about the unvarnished beauty and ugliness of the
world. By bringing awareness of social problems and ethical issues, Chen uses his art to help us
envision a world where every sentient being can live in harmony.

Mercedes Llanos Painter from Chattanooga Tennessee 
"All of my experiences have stirred a source of creativity within me.  Now I’m developing a new body of work, where I’m digesting all that has happened, reliving those experiences, immortalizing moments,  and creating new ones through the act of painting. This new work is figurative, yet in unrecognizable settings.  Most of the time, I start my paintings with images from photographs I have taken myself, then I collage them with other images in my head as I begin my drawing.  Color and line becomes a mix of impulse and realism.  As I allow myself to work intuitively, one can see some very confusing moments throughout the paintings reminiscent of emotions, dreams, and the unexplainable in-between.  As I’m repainting these moments I travel back to them; the action becomes instinctual, the feeling reinvented, and the moment eternal."